About Us

The idea for Saturdaypeople.org was born on Good Friday 2014. I wanted to share the story God has been writing in my life and find a name/web address that would communicate how God has guided, sustained, at times dragged and encouraged me on since He breathed His breath of Life into my soul.

He has become my source, redemption, hope, strength – there is nothing good in me apart from His mercy and grace!!

This whole website is a leap of faith and a work in progress. Please bear with my inability to fully understand the world of technology as I muddle through trying to build this website – and how and where to place things – and if you see any typos or grammatical errors, email me please! Or feel free to give me some pointers on how to make it better – Thanks!!
When I figure out how to do this blog/website, my desire is to post stories of living in Saturday — of joy and longing – love and waiting – struggle and redemption – grieving and hope — and invite others to share some of their stories and journeys. Email me if you have a story you’d like to share ..